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The First Gibsons

I have decided to do some spring cleaning and post some of my research.  Most of what will be posted can easily be sourced by googling it. Since this will take me pretty much into summer I want to get as much out there as I can, later I will go back and add sources.   If you can't find a source just send me an email  --  Joanne.

Those who started out as neighbors in Surry County and went to the Carolinas as well as west into Western Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and beyond will be discussed.  Chippoakes Creek seems to be the home to many of these families known as Melungeons, Redbones, Lumbee, Brass Ankles, Carmel Indians, etc.. in the beginning, and their secondary home  on the Pee Dee.

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We first find Edward at Weynoke (1) and up the river at Falling Creek (1) in 1623, as a physician he would have been born around 1580-1590 a candidate for father of Indian Jane and her brother George Gibson. 

Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary
On March 7, 1624 it was reported to the General Court that Edward Gibson or Giften had administered physic to the sick at Falling Creek. He also had treated the sick at Weyanoke.  Thus, he probably was a surgeon or an apothecary.  

 Edward Gibson was apparently a physician , for in 1622, just before the massacre , he made a professional trip to Falling Creek:
”Capt . Nicholas Martin sworne and examined saith that Ed: Gibson camm upp to the fallinge Creeke, administered Phisick to ev'y of the p'sons specified, then went & did that Cure uppon Fossett who was farre spent with the droppsie and not one of these his patients misc(arried)."

Edward Gibson, 1652 Transported by Mr. James Warradine unknown Co. 
 Col William Hill 980 acs in Charles City County, Westover Parish on S side of James River 1683, part bounded in a patente to JAMES WARRADINE 13 Oct 1652 who deserted. 
Edward Gibson appears to be the earliest Gibson found living in the area of Charles City County.  Thomas Gibson was an early carpenter brought over to build a home for Powhatan but left no records, perhaps he returned to England or was one of the 400 plus colonists who perished during the 'Starving Time' 1608-1609. Contrary to what you read on the Internet there is nothing to connect this Thomas Gibson to any of the later Gibsons.

It would be rare, I think, to find a family in wills, deeds, etc., that did not name a son after their father and/or grandfather.  Gibby and Hubbard both named sons Edward, Gibby named  sons George and Gilbert, Hubbard named his sons John and Hubbard Jr.   John, Thomas and George Gibson are found in early records of Henrico and Charles City County. Thomas may have been Gibby's father but these men were certainly related. 


Francis Gibson came in the Seaflower with the Elizabeth Clements and son Jeremiah, Elizabeth was widow of Geoffrey Clements and married Ralph Hamor. In 1624 the Hamor, Clements and Francis Gibson were living at Hog Island by Warrasqueak (9).  Jeremiah Clements would later remove to Upper Chippoakes Creek where he was a neighbor of George Gibson. 

From the above map we can see Weyanoke (1) just under Westover (5) where Gibby Gibson resided in the 1720s and just above Westover is Shirley (4) where Jane died in the 1720s.  

Across the river from Weyanoke is Ward's Creek (6) where we find Hubbard Gibson in the 1690s and just below that is Upper Chippoakes Creek (11) where George and wife Mary Gibson lived.  Across the James is the Lightfoot Cemetery at Sandy Point, the old Paspageh Indian town, where Thomas, Gibby, and Francis are buried. 

Going downriver to Lower Chippoakes Creek you see Warrasqueak (9) and Lyons Creek  [also called Lawnes] (10) where we find Thomas and John Collins who will figure in later.  Their descendants are found on the Pee Dee River with the Gibsons and also very close to the Collins in Georgia who shares DNA with the Newmans Ridge line. Also on the 1624 Living and Dead census at Warrasqueak is William Denham.

Christopher Branche, 250 acs. in Henrico Co., Dec. 8, 1635, Page 326. At Kings land [2]  over against Arroe Hattocks, [3]  E. upon the main river, Southerly upon land granted John Griffin & now in the occupation of sd. Branch & running Northerly towards Thomas Sheffeild. Due for his own per. adv. & for the trans, of: John Gibson, John Macham, William Butler & Wm. Possell. 

In 1637 Humphrey Higgenson,  Gent., received 700 acs. called by the name of Tutteys neck, adj. to Harrop, 6 Feb. 1637, p. 519. E. S. E. upon a gr. swamp parting it from Harrop land, W. S. W. upon a br. of Archers hope [8] Cr. parting it from Kingsmells neck, W. N. W. upon an- other br. of sd. Cr. for transporting 14 people including Edward Gibson.

1639 John Osborne received 300 acs. James Citty County at the upper Chippokes Cr., [11] adj. N. E. for transportation of his wife, son, and four others including Walter Gibson. 

In 1640 Jane Gibson was born, according to testimony of Richard Willis in 1790, Jane had a brother George who apparently died without heirs. Is her brother George Gibson on Upper Chippoakes Creek or is George, wife Mary Goodwife, her parents? 


Virginia Immigrants

Gibson John 1635 by Christopher Branch Henrico
Gibson John 1637 by William Farrar Henrico
Gibson John 1638 by Christopher Branch Henrico 
Thomas Gibson 1639 by John Howell Henrico
Gibson John 1643 by John Freeme Charles City

WILLIAM FARRAR, sonne & heire to William Farrar, late of Henrico, deed., 2000 acs. Henrico Co., 11 June 1637, p. 436. Abutting Ely. upon the Gleab land of Varina, extending Wly. to the bottome of Island, Sly. upon the maine river & Nly. into the woods. Trans, at his owne costs of 40 pers including; Jon. Frame, Jon. Gibson, Henry Howell

JOHN FREEME, [Frame]  received 1,198 acs. in Charles, Co., Sept. 1, 1643, Near Flowerdy Hundred Cr.  transporting his wife Ann, and 24 people including Jno Gibson and Wm Major.

April 26, 1656: William Justice, 1198 acres Charles City, County, near Flower De Hundred Cr., 26 April, 1656. Adj land of Cheney Boice., Granted Captain John Frame, 1 September, 1643, and due said Justice as marriage the daughter and heyer of said Frame. Also for the transfer of 24 persons.

William Farrar transported John Frame, John Gibson and Henry Howell to Henrico County in 1637. John Frame then receives land in Charles City County and transports John Gibson and William Major [is this ancestry of MAJOR GIBSON] in 1643 and William Justice marries John Frame's daughter.

John Justice, born 1696 at Weyanoke, [Weyanoke later added to Westover Parish, home of Gibby Gibson] Charles City County, removed to Harping Creek, Halifax County, Virginia, Major Gibson also has land on Harping Creek. Descendants of John Justice have male DNA that matches the Gibson family of Charles City County. 

Major Gibson is first found in Orange County, North Carolina tax with Thomas and George Gibson in 1750s. He then has land in Pittsylvania County in 1767 at Harping Creek on the Pigg River. Major Gibson is next found in 1779 on Back Creek, Randolph County, North Carolina with David Gibson, son of Gilbert Gibson, grandson of Gibby Gibson. If this is the same Major Gibson it seems he ties all these families together. 

Thomas Gibson transported to Henrico by John Howell in 1639. He seems the most likely candidate for the father of Gibby Gibson and the father of Thomas Jr., born in 1647 however Gibby did not name a son Thomas.  Thomas is buried at Sandy Point with Gibby, possibly Gibby did name a son Thomas who died young.  There is only one Thomas Gibson on the 1668 Tax, Thomas, born in 1647. It seems more probable the elder Thomas is Gibby's father bound out to learn a trade in 1672 as Thomas Junior would appear to have been too young to be the father. More on this later. 

Thomas Gibson born 1647 lived on Sunken Marsh, Upper Chippoakes Creek, surely a relative of George Gibson, likely on the land of his father Thomas Gibson Sr.  Thomas Jr was living on Sunken Marsh in 1668 then moved to Soutwark Parish from 1669-to 1683 when he is found at Sunken Marsh. In 1668 Thomas Gibson and wife Mary sell their land to Thomas Tyas and disappear from record.  

There is record at Christ Church in Middlesex County, Virginia of a Thomas and Mary; 

  Thomas Gibson dyed Jan'y. y" 18 & was buried Jan'y y" 19 1721
Mary Gibson dyed Septem' y"' 27. & was buried Septem' y° 29. 1726.

Did Thomas and Mary go to Middlesex in 1688 after they sold their land? Thomas would have been 40-41 - of age to be father of John Gibson married Elizabeth Wilcox 1707 Christ Church Middlesex County - father of Gideon/Gibeon Gibson of Marrs Bluff?

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