Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indian Ancestry of the Melungeons

The latest *project* of the Melungeon Historical Society appears to be another attempt at erasing the Indian ancestry of the Melungeon people.

The paper by Roberta Estes, *Board Member* of the Melungeon Historical Society according to the MHS Blog "references and uses data from several of these public projects, but particularly the Melungeon, Lumbee, Waccamaw, North Carolina Roots and Lost Colony projects".

''The first page of this introduction says; " The Melungeons, long held to be mixed European, African and Native show only one ancestral family with Native DNA.4 Clearly more testing would be advantageous in all of these projects.''

Footnote 4 says;

  • 4 The Melungeon DNA project, while initially included in this research, was subsequently removed from the report because of the lack of evidence of Native American ancestry and no direct connection to the Lost Colonists. The Lumbee may be connected to the Melungeons, but that remains unproven.
It would appear to me the MHS promoting this paper on its blog by a MHS Board Member while the Melungeons were *removed from the report for lack of evidence* clearly shows the intent of the MHS to stamp out any suggestion of the Indian ancestry of the Melungeons.

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