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Two Rosannas

Rosanna Collins Perkins
Fielden, and brother Shepherd Collins, called Rosanna PERKINS their sister, on Cherokee applications. Fielden and Shepherd are sons of John Collins and Louisa Cole, therefore Rosanna is daughter of John Collins and Louisa Cole also.  The grandparents are Shepherd and Polly Collins and Valentine and Mariah Cole.

Note: Fielden Collins names his sister Rosann PERKINS [married to John Riley Perkins -1897]  in 1907,  parents John Collins and Louisa Cole

She married to E. E. Guin [Elza McGuin] on May 7, 1893 and had two sons; Benjamin  and Tom McGuin.

On December 10, 1897 she married to Riley Perkins
NameRoseanna Collins
SpouseRiley Perkins
Spouse GenderMale
Marriage Date10 Dec 1897

 Both of these records show Rosanna's name as COLLINS, they are found on the 1900 census living in Salyersville, Kentucky with sons Benjamim 1895, Tom born 1896 [both listed as Perkins] and Sarah K., born 1899.

Home in 1900Salyersville, Magoffin, Kentucky
House Number1
Sheet Number23B
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation396
Family Number397

Leander Cole married Rosenna COLE, daughter of John Cole and Nancy Barnett in  1890 in Magoffin County, Kentucky.  Susie, daughter of John Cole and Nancy Barnett, names her sister Rosanna COLLINS who was married to Leeander Cole/Collins in 1907.  

In 1900 Leander and wife Rosa Cole are living in Abbot, Floyd County, Kentucky.  Rosanna had these children;  Junie Nov 1890, Eddie May 1893, Lewis Nov 1895, Gincy 1898 and Lindsy May 1900.

This is Leeander and Rosanna Cole in 1900 Census
Home in 1900:Abbott, Floyd, Kentucky
Sheet Number:12B
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:250
Family Number:205

Clearly Rosanna COLLINS married to John RILEY PERKINS is not the same as Rosanna COLE who married to Leander COLE.  Both women are on the 1900 with their husbands and children.
The confusion surrounding these two couples stems from the fact that Leeander went by the name COLE and COLLINS

Both of these documents call LeeAnder a COLLINS and in 1915, 2 years after Leeander died Rosanna married to William RILEY Perkins the widow of Barbara Wadkins/Watkins. Rosanna, widow of Leeander used his name of COLLINS.

WILLIAM Riley Perkins married Barbara Watkins/Wadkins 26 Sep 1885 in Magoffin County, Kentucky.  In 1900 this family was living in Abbot, Floyd County with the following children;  Riley Perkins wife Barbery -Lindy Aug 1886, -Gracie Oct 1889, ---    -Nellie Oct 1890, -Bertha Dec 1893, -Lola Oct 1895.
In the 1920 Census the children of Barbara Wadkins and the children of Leeander Cole are in the household of William RILEY Perkins and Rosanna Cole Collins.  The two sons of Leeander are called 'step sons' to William Riley Perkins, widow of Barbara, and his children with Barbara are in the household called 'daughter.'


This is the death certificate that has been attributed to Rosanna Collins, daughter of John Collins and Louisa Cole, and wife of John Riley Perkins,  but in fact this death record belongs to Rosanna COLE widow of Leeander Cole/Collins and William Riley Perkins

This is not Rosanna, wife of John Riley Perkins.  Both are found on the 1940 Census in Magoffin Co., Kentucky living with their widowed daughter, Mary Cole and grandchildren, Rosanna COLLINS PERKINS was not dead in 1937
Riley Perkins, son of 'Dickie Perkins' and Mary Wright died  December 29, 1945 in Lakeville, Magoffin County, Kentucky. On his death certificate it states he was "married" meaning his wife Rosanna who is living with him 5 years earlier did not die in 1937.  

The above death record is obviously of Rosanna Cole daughter of John Cole and Nancy Barnett, widow of Leeander Cole and married to William Riley Perkins.

This is the obituary of Sarah K., daughter of John Riley Perkins and Rosanna Collins, as recorded in the above census.

And Rosanna Collins, wife of John Riley Perkins, mother of above Sarah Perkins Nickell.

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