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Kyles Ford, Tenn
R Box 24
Dec 19, 1923

Dear Santa Claus old Friend

thought I would write you as Christmas is almost here I am But a little Boy only 2 years old and as cunning as a pet pig I know if you could see me you would say I was a cute little Fellow. I like to Ride a Round with my dad, and if you will send me some Christmas toys I will always love santa claus .

Lee Roy Weston

Kyles Ford, Tenn.
Dec 18, 1923
R. No2, Box 26

Dear Santa Clause

I am a little Boy 8 years old and I want you to send me somethings for Xmas i want some candy and some oranges and some apples and a little rubber ball and a little toy pistol and a littly toy train and it full of candy, don’t forget your little friend James Nichols.

Dear Mr. Santa Claus good bye.

Kyles Ford, Tenn
Dec. 5, 1923

Dear Santa Claus

I am a little boy 7 yers old and i want old santa to Bring me something i would Be Blesed with anything you wish to Bring me. i wamt me some candy and oranges and anything you want to bring. i wish santa Clause wold Bring me a Pair of shoes so this is written By thair little cheridens.

Joe Anderson
Kyles Ford, Tennessee
R F D No2 Box 7

Kyles Ford, Tenn
Dec. 6, 1923

Deair Santa Clause.

I am a little girle 10 years old I have no papa and my mama is poor and cant Buy me nothing for Xmas I hope you will if you dont get me something i wont have nothing I wish you would Bring me a pretty heir Bow I have pretty yellow heir it is curly it is to my waist and I have no pretty Bow to put on it and Bring me a pretty doll and some candy and Bananas to rate By a friend of those little children.

Ida Anderson
Kyles Ford Tenn.

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