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Same Name Syndrome

One of the most common mistakes in genealogy is falling into the trap of the same name syndrome.  Latching on to the wrong ancestor does not only grow the wrong kind of  family tree but is also a source of many a migraine headache when others are trying to untangle the entwined lines, it is near impossible to saw off one of those limbs that have grown into your tree.
 I have run into this in a number of lines I am researching; John, Thomas, Charles, George, and Gideon Gibson, John, David, and James Collins. These are a few of the tangled trees I will try to take on but thought I would first start with my own line; Ezekiel Gibson.

A descendant of my ancestor, William K. Gibson, born 1814 in North Carolina matches the DNA of descendants of James Gibson, son of Valentine, grandson of Thomas Gibson d. 1734 Louisa County, Va., who came from Stokes County North Carolina with his brothers Garrett and Archelous to Grainger County, Tennessee. This DNA match does NOT match the Gibsons known as Melungeons. 

Back in the 1980s when genealogy and the big world wide web was just a gleam in someone's eye, when we had to write letters and send them in the US mail and wait forever for a response, I corresponded with a lady in Morgan Co., Kentucky on my Gibson line. She was in her 80s and told me the Gibsons had came from Stokes or Surry County, North Carolina. After several letters requesting more information I received a letter from her daughter that she passed away, she had no more information but sent me the notes her mother kept on the family. There was no source.

I found there were two Ezekiel Gibsons -- one apparently came from Wilkes Co, and likely brother of Archibald, later went to Floyd County. I strongly suspect they are sons of Major Gibson. 

This Ezekiel is found in Morgan, Ashe County, North Carolina in 1800 with Archibald and Joel Gibson. 

And here is Ezekiel Gibson in Salisbury, Stokes County, North Carolina
(Note Archelous, Garrett and James, and Valentine Jr., sons of Valentine and Elizabeth Gibson are living in Grainger Co., Tennessee by 1797)

 This record was posted to Genforum and I am still searching for the original deed but if this is correct that Valentine left his land to be split between "William and his brother Ezekiel" it would appear Valentine's sons, William and Ezekiel, were living in Stokes County, North Carolina in 1804 and were NOT in Kentucky.
 A NC grant of Oct. 13, 1783, names Wm. E. Gibson, Sr., and wife Mary. Surry and Stokes Co. deed records also show Valentine Gibson as surity for son James Gibson (Oct. 2, 1794); and sales from Valentine Gibson to James Gibson (Nov. 3, 1794), then to “Wm. Gibson” and to “Wm.’s brother, Ezekiel” (Oct. 17, 1804), each of the latter two taking “1/2 of plantation on which I live”

And these are the Ezekiel Gibsons in 1810 Floyd County, Kentucky

Archibald Gibson   Floyd, Kentucky 10
Ezckiel Gibson   Floyd, Kentucky 11

And Ezekiel Gibson 1810 in  Surry County, North Carolina

Ezekiel Gibson      Shores Reed, Surry, North Carolina 8

In 1820 there are three Ezekiel Gibsons on the census, two in Floyd County, Kentucky and one in Scott County, Virginia. It seems clear, to me at least, that Ezekiel Gibson of Surry/Stokes County, North Carolina has moved to Scott County, Virginia.

Ezekiel Gibson  Scott, Virginia   7
Ezekiel Gibson Floyd, Kentucky 2

Ezekiel Gibson Floyd, Kentucky 12

All records seem to indicate Ezekiel Gibson Senior of Floyd County was deceased before the 1830 census. We have two Ezekiel Gibsons, one still in Scott Co., Virginia while it appears Ezekiel Gibson, the younger, has followed Archibald Gibson to Hendricks County, Indiana.

Ezekiel Gibson  Hendricks, Indiana  7

Ezekiel Gibson Scott, Virginia 5

In 1835 William K. Gibson, my ancestor, married to Polly Gilliam in Scott County, Virginia. In the mid 1830s Ezekiel Gibson is on the Morgan County, Kentucky tax lists (Ezekiel the elder of Floyd was deceased and Ezekiel the younger of Floyd had moved to Indiana). William K. Gibson was married in 1835 and is living in Scott County, Virginia in 1850 but by 1854 he also had moved to Morgan County, Kentucky.

Knowing that my William K. Gibson was born in North Carolina in 1814 and married in Scott County, Virginia in 1835 it seemed rather logical that Ezekiel of Scott County, Virginia., in 1820 was the same Ezekiel found in Surry Co, North Carolina in 1810, especially since William K., named his first son Ezekiel.

Since Ezekiel appeared to descend from Valentine Gibson as they are on the same page in the census record, and finding Valentine named in the will of Thomas Gibson who died in 1734 I have been researching this Gibson family since 1988.  It was not until just last year that Stephen Gibson notified me his DNA matched that of a descendant of my William K. Gibson. Stephen's DNA is solid back to Garret Gibson of Knox Co., Kentucky, son of James Gibson.

I have a number records and notes on this family. Below are just a few notes, but I believe they prove, without a doubt, that James Gibson of Knox County, Kentucky came from Stokes Co., son of Valentine, grandson of Thomas Gibson died 1734 first to Grainger Co., Tennessee to Knox County, and Garrett Gibson is his son and a DNA match to my William K. Gibson.

It has been rumored about for a couple of years that there is supposedly another descendant of Valentine Gibson's who has tested and does not match our Gibsons.  To date no one from this 'supposed' line has posted his result online, listed the results at the Gibson DNA project or presented their documentation to Valentine Gibson, until they do it remains nothing more than a rumor. 

Valentine Gibson son of Thomas Gibson

1734, 29 Oct: p. 151 of Court record: In the Name of God Amen. I Thomas Gibson Sr., of St Martin's Parish, Hanover County, sick and weak but of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. I recommend my soul to the hand of Almighty God and my body to the earth. After all my debts and funeral charges are paid I give to my loving son Thomas Gibson 50 a of land' to my well beloved son John Gibson, 50 a of land; to my well beloved daughter Nice Nicks wife of Edward Nicks, Frances Humphrey and Mary Brook on shilling each; to my well beloved son edward Nicks whom I do hereby constitute sole Exor of this my wil and testament my house likewise my stock of hogs and cattle together with all my estate goods and chattels moveable and unmoveable to enable him to bring up my children John Gibson, VALENTINE GIBSON, also William Robertson. I do hereby utterly revoke and make void all former wills and testaments by me at anytime heretofore made and I do hereby Ordain this ...and and befor and (?) as my only Last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand Seal this Twenty Ninth day of October Anno Domini 1734. THOMAS (his mark a cross) GIBSON (seal.) Signed sealed and delivered(?) his last Will and Testament In the presence of The mark of (ID) ISAAC JOHNSON the mark of (two crosswise strokes) JAMES PHILLIPS G. GILLINGHAM Schoolmaster. 
As Eunice, Mary, John  and Thomas are mentioned first and they have grown children at the time of the will their births being many years before Valentine it would appear Thomas was married twice, and perhaps had two sons name John, one of age and the other still a minor.

It has been *assumed* that Thomas Gibson who went to Orange County, North Carolina is the son of this Thomas Gibson Sr., however I believe Thomas Gibson Jr., left the area of Hanover/Louisa County before Thomas and George Gibson of Charles City County moved in. There is a Thomas Gibson of the right age living in Henrico County in 1756 who is more likely the brother of Valentine than the one who moved to Orange Co., NC.

Valentine Gibson left a paper trail in Virginia before moving to Stokes County, North Carolina. He is found there on the 1774 Tax List;

1774 Surry County, NC tax
Capt John Deatherage district
Valentine Gibson, son James, son Garret 3
By the 1780-1790s James and Garret along with their brothers Archelous and John moved to Tennessee. 

Garret Gibson is a son of James Gibson of Knox County who went to Putnam County, Indiana and is ancestor of above mentioned Stephen Gibson. 

Garrett, Lewis and Arthur are found on page 184 of the Putnam Co., Indiana census.  On page 186 is George Gibson who appears to be the same George mentioned in this record;

Hawkins County, Tennessee Deed Book 15: 397-398

George Gibson of Putnam County, Indiana to Simon Collins of  Hawkins County, $150, tract on Black Water Creek, part of a 300-acre tract granted by the State to James Johnson and Moses Humphrey, containing 50 acres more or less and witness by Vardy [his mark] Collins, Burrell [his mark] Sullivan and Morgan Collins.

Hawkins County Deed Book 15: 398

February 14, 1835

Jordan Gibson to Simeon Collins, of Hawkins County, $200, the west fork of Black Water Creek, part of a 300-acre tract granted to James Johnston and Moses Humphreys... a patent line south of Powells Mountain, Signed by Jordon [his mark] Gibson and witnessed by Vardy Collins and Alfred Collins.

1797 Deed 15 Mar 1797 Christian Rhodes of Co of Knox to James Gibson of Grainger Co. for 40 pounds 200 acres on the north side of Holstan river below Buffalow Creek. - pg 207-Grainger Co., Tn (Archelaus Gibson also purchased land from Christian Rhodes May 2 1799 in Grainger Co)

14 June 1797 James Gibson Jury-Grainger County Court Minutes Film 968587

3 Oct 1797 James Gibson to John Hall 200 acres North side of Holstan River Below Buffalow Creek & wife Saray- Grainger Co., Tn deeds (probably sold to move to Knox Co. Ky) (Reference to the above two deeds in Grainger Co. Court Minutes June 1796-Aug 1802 Film 968,587)

James Gaines vs James Gibson-The defendant security comes into court & delivers himself up in discharge of himself as bail who gives Archelus Gibson in the room thereof pg 64 Court records-Grainger Co., Tn.  [Clairborne County formed from Grainger and James found in Claiborne] This suit appears to have been started in NC where James Gibson was victorious but was filed again in Tennessee  [1785 Capt Gains district; James Gibson 200 1 Archelaus Gibson 0 1 John Gibson 0 1 Garrett Gibson 0 1 Valentine Gibson 150 1]

By 1807 James had moved to Knox County, Kentucky

In court records of Nov 1807 reference to flour bought from him.-Knox Co.Ky May 1809 appointed surveyor. - Knox Co., Ky

1810 Census Knox Co. Ky. Over age 45 01101-00001(1 son 10-16,1 16-26) Pg 64.-01210

1812 Tax list, 1818 & 1819 Tax List pg 298 on Little poplar Creek Knox Co. Ky

1812 Member lst Baptist Church and met in his home. Lewis & Valentine members (GS#986465 - also known as Cumberland River Baptist Church. Home located at Lin Camp creek. He is also mentioned July 1813 and Aug 1815.

1820 Census Knox County On Little Poplar was James Gibson Sr., and Lewis Gibson while Major, Isaac, and Jesse were on Clear Creek, with Valentine Gibson on Stinking Creek. 

29 Mar 1823 Michael Wilson & Polly his wife sell to James Gibson for $5 one certain tract or parcel of land in County of Knox on little poplar creek to include Gibson's Mill-50A-Knox Co., KY. (Lewis Gibson who was in the War of 1812 under Ambrose Arthur md Priscilla Wilson in Knox Co. Ky in 1814 and was living there in 1820 next to James Gibson, Sr. By 1821 Lewis was in Putnam Co. Ind. living near Jesse & Rollin James.)

4 Mar 1811 Garrett Gibson and Rachel his wife bought from Nathaniel Walker of same county and State of KY (Knox Co. Deeds Bk B p 140 FHL Film 532664) 400 A for $350 A on South Bank of Robinson Creek.

4 Jun 1815 land transaction between Garrett Gibson & Rachel his wife and Goodman Oldham for 100 pounds - 178 l/2 A on banks of Little Laurel (Knox Co. Deeds Bk B FHL Film 5322694)

In 1828 he was among the Gibsons who purchased items from the inventory of estate sale of Joseph Thornbrough: Garrett, George, A. L. and Lewis Gibson. Garrett Gibson was appointed as one of the appraisers of Joseph Thornbrough's estate (Putnam Co., IN-ltr. Rebecca Gibson was m. to Joseph Thornbrough)

He was then in Putnam Co., IN where he remained until 1831.

Sept Court 1829 Letters of Administration granted to him for estate of Elias Gibson. He and Arthur Gibson purchased items from the inventory of Elias Gibson (Probate Order Bk No. 1, 1825-1830 Putnam Co., IN)

He is on the 1830 Putnam Co., IN census along with Lewis, Arthur, George, Carmel. He then went to Carroll Co., IN until about 1841 (found there in the 1840 census) where he was involved with the Moore family over selling some land and giving clear title to it. It is believed he then went to IL for a few years before he is known to have died at the home of his son, Arthur Gibson in Buchanan Co., MO after 1850. Mrs. Shreve did not find him in the 1850 census in Buchanan Co. From 1812 to 1819 he may have been in Lawrence Co., IL.

Records of Irene Srieby Shreve-Lafayette Research (now deceased) stated he & Rachel m. abt 1805 in Claiborne Co., TN where records do not begin until 1837 but county was formed from Grainger abt 1802. Garrett and Aaron Gibson are found mentioned on early court records of Claiborne. It is believed he was the son of James Gibson who has been proven to have come from Stokes Co., NC to Grainger Co., TN about 1797 or before.

Mrs. Shreve wrote "believe Lewis & Garrett had sons named James who lived in Putnam Co., IN and md there. One James Gibson d abt 1844 and some of his children went to Buchanan Co., MO where Arthur Gibson, his son lived as evidenced by deed records in Putnam Co., IN showing they were in MO when they sold land inherited from a James Gibson".

From emails of Dorothy Tuttle - 2011

Please contact me if you descend from either of these Ezekiel Gibsons.

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