Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goins, Going, Gone

In December 2002 Jack Goins wrote;
"I believe Y Chrom. DNA will prove these people stole those names Gibson and Collins from the White settlers while living in Virginia before they migrated to NC etc. Take Goins for example this Y test is showing some with a common ancestor as European, AA, NA , This is also proven by history and  genealogy and the fact you can find Goins as Cherokee, Melungeon, Lumbee and almost every clan."  Archives
In May 2003 Jack Goins wrote;
"Y-Chrom. DNA slaps this right in the face, For example there are Goins  who's Y DNA is European, AA and NA," Archives
Below is a screen shot from the Core Melungeon Project posted prior to 2008 when they changed E3a to E1b1a.  It can be found here, and as you can see there are no Native American Goins listed in the project. It is possible, and in fact likely, the Goins who tested matched the Sizemore NA DNA, meaning there was an NPE (Non Paternal Event).  

That would not explain why they are not listed though, apparently Valentine Collins was an NPE and he is listed. In the *peer reviewed* paper Samuel Bunch ( European Haplogroup) is a "Suspected NPE" as is Freelin Gibson noted as "Suspected NPE" match to Goodmans and Benjamin Collins son also "Suspected NPE" match to Gibsons. Curiously missing is the mysterious Native American Goins?

Also mysteriously missing and not mentioned is Mr. Goins with the European "R" Haplogroup, Kit#44320 above in their paper.  Another NPE, perhaps, but same question, why did these researchers leave out the European DNA from their paper

Missing also is Kit# 6005, David Going with an "L Haplogroup" said to be from India, Pakistan, Turkey, etc., (Wikipedia).

David Going/Goins was born 1783 in Montgomery County, Virginia in the part that would become Giles County and was neighbor of many of the Collins'  who were called Melungeons, some moving to Newmans Ridge. 

On page 71 of Melungeons: and other pioneer families by Jack Goins we find these families from Giles County mentioned; 
"This relatively small Melungeon settlement that migrated to the Flat River, which was then Granville County, North Carolna about 1750 had grown to a large colony by the 1780's. Most of them later migrated to Fort Blackmore, Virginia in Lee County.  Some moved on west to Granger and Davidson couties in Tennessee, while others migrated to Giles County, Virginia into Kentucky." 

I see no legitimate reason for removing David Going/ Goins from the Melungeon DNA Project, nor not mentioning this unique Haplogroup L in their paper, nor the omission of the Goins Haplogroup R, and especially leaving  Kit#109170 - FREEMAN -  Haplogroup Q out of the paper and writing they found no Native American Haplogroups in the project.

So, as posted in the last blog, we seen Thomas Bushrod's "Gawin the Indian" who was freed in 1676 shown as the same man as John Gowen who was freed in 1640?  Could Bushrod's Gawin actually have been from India (Haplogroup L) and the ancestor of David Going?  Who is the Native American Goins first tested in Brent Kennedy and Kevin Jones project and the European Goins tested in the same project? Seems we have a lot of Gawin, Goins, Going,  --- GONE. 

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  1. I am especially interested in the Freeman family, we know that Freeman's can be traced back to early Jamestown colony, per land records.

    We know there was intermarriage between the Freemans and Collins (Nicholas Turbull grandson of David Collins Sr., married Rachel Freeman) We know that there was a Freeman family living on Newmans Ridge, and they are part of the Melungeon YDNA study they came back Q - American Indian, we know the participant is also part of at least three other YDNA studies 2 of which are American Indian YDNA projects.

    We know that Phillip Freeman sold John Bunch 450 acres of land in 1662. Chickahominy main swamp. One of the first rules of genealogy is to follow the land.

    What was Phillip Freeman's relationship to John Bunch if any? Who were Phillip Freeman's parents?

    Phillip Freeman was able to buy large acreage so they he was a person of means.

    470. Phillip Freeman. May 2, 1661. 1000 acres. Upon the No Side of Chickahominy main swamp, Beg'g at a corner beech (by the swamp) of Thos Meredith's land.

    ‎519. Philip Freeman. Mar. 10, 1673/4. 650 acres. Upon the Main swamp of Chickahominy river, above Westham path, and adjoining to the Land of Thomas Meredith.

    I think the answer to John Bunch might involve the Freemans of early Jamestown Colony, Virginia.

    Enough Freeman from the John Freeman of Norfolk Virginia line, have come back with Q YDNA to show they mixed with the Indigenous tribes.


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