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No Speculation in This Scientific Report

Joanne Pezzullo

Identifying Core Melungeons

Valentine Collins

According to recently published paper by Estes, Crain, Goins and Ferguson on the Melungeons, to be considered a "Core Melungeon" one must be called a Melungeon sometime in history.
Page 23 states; ''Every family included is specifically referred to or identified as a Melungeon in one or more of these records.''   
In what record is Valentine specifically referred to or identified as a Melungeon?

On the next page of this report is  Table 4  
Melungeon Family Identification Table

First Column        SURNAME  Collins
Second Column    CENSUS - 1830  1870 1880 
Third Column       JARVIS -  Full Blood
Fourth  Column    COURT  1743 Orange Co., Va., 1745 Louisa Co., Va.1846 voting trial 
Fifth Column        TAX RECORDS   1755 Orange Co., NC 
Sixth  Column       PLECKER (Mentioned by) Yes
Seventh Column    ARTICLES  Humble and DromgooleEighth Column      1890 CENSUS   YesNinth Column       GROHSE    YesTenth Column       OTHER  Fincastle Co., Va. living on Indian land

The identifiers in this table under Collins all refer to Vardy Collins.

Valentine was member of Stoney Creek Church in Virginia until 1806 when he went to Clear Creek Church in Kentucky. 

Valentine’s son Joshua was born 1805 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, his son David born around 1807 says he was born in Kentucky, probably Cumberland County. Elijah was born around 1812 and also lists Kentucky as a birthplace.    Oatery was born 1816 in Tennessee -- probably Overton or Campbell County where Valentine had land. By 1820 he was on the Kentucky census. 

Valentine Collins lived in Hawkins County only a few years and  left no known descendants there.  Magoffin County people are not called Melungeons. 
Valentine and Vardy Collins cannot both be the sons of Samuel Collins.  Valentine’s father is unknown, place of birth unknown,  according to the DNA presented in this report Valentine Collins father was probably a Bunch.  There is no proof he is Vardy's brother he is not mentioned in Louisa County Virginia or Orange County, North Carolina.  Wasn't mentioned by Humble or Dromgoole.

Page 38 
Table 11 
Melungeon Patriarch Table
Martin Collins  - Son of Samuel - Samuel also has sons Vardy (R1a1) b1760 and Valentine (E1b1a8a) b1764, both in Wilkes County, NC, whose haplogroups do not match
Page 39
Vardy Collins
Vardy is supposed to be the son of Samuel, as are Martin and Valentine
Page 47
Valentine Collins Group - E1b1a8aValentine (29) and Vardy (Vardeman) Collins were believed to be brothers, both sons of Samuel Collins born in Louisa County, Virginia where in 1745 Samuel was summoned to court for concealing tithables
Page 48 
Vardy Collins Group - R1a1
Vardy (21) has long been believed to be the brother of Valentine Collins.  He could have been a half brother, but based on the DNA evidence, these two lines do not share a common paternal  ancestor. 

Why is Valentine Collins in the Core Melungeon Project?

Because he  ‘may have been’ a half brother of Vardy Collins and Meredith Collins, none of the three match genetically. 

Because he is a brother of  Buck Gibson’s wife, Matilda Denham?  

None of the above makes sense, including why Valentine Collins is considered a CORE Melungeon.
A letter written the 1980s states; "apparently one Wm. Grohse of Sneedville Tennessee received a letter indicating that there was a Bible showing the names of Vardy’s brothers and sisters as Meredith, Valentine, Matilda and Lucinda."
I spoke to this lady who gave this informaton a year or so ago.  According to her she never seen this Bible record and the lady she spoke with was a very old lady who did not have the record either, was only 'told of it.' We have since learned there is a Bible record that shows Matilda was not a Collins but a Denham and the three Collins’ mentioned  DNA does not match. Is this "story" the basis for Valentine Collins being a Core Melungeon?

Throughout this report these four authors try to convince us that Vardy and Valentine are brothers, sons of Samuel, finally admitting they have different DNA and it is likely Valentine is a Bunch and not even a Collins.

Valentine's father might be a Bunch who came from Louisa County, Virginia or Orange County, North Carolina - but- this is supposed to be a 'scientific paper' reviewed by a 'scientific journal and there is no room for speculations -- right?


  1. I have went to every melungeon site and where you see Vardy, you see Valentine in every state where one is the other is close by, this was common in the old days!! FOR FAMILY

    1. I have a policy of not publishing posts by 'anonymous' but will publish this one, pending. There are no internet police and you cannot believe everything you find on the Melungeons. I see Vardy and Valentine Collins in Wilkes County -- period. Valentine is at the Stoney Creek Church - Vardy isn't. Valentine was in the area of Newman's Ridge early 1800 but his children's birth indicates they were in Kentucky by the time Vardy went to Newman's Ridge. None of Valentine's descendants were known to have stayed on the ridge and none of Vardy's descendants followed Valentine to Kentucky. Forget websites -- the old myth that Vardy and Valentine were brothers has been kicking around for years because Grohse said he thought they were. DNA has prove Grohse wrong. Besides one census record in Wilkes County please show where else they are found together?


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