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Randolph County, North Carolina


David GibsonRandolph17801787336On back creek Beg. at a black oak Bells corner

Joshua Albertson, assignee of Major GibsonRandolph17851791200On Back Creek waters.


George Gibson, assignee of Thomas Lowe Senr.Randolph17791787100On Jackson Creek Beg. at a white oak342Patent

George Gibson

Name: George Gibson
County: Randolph County- 1780
Household Remarks: Name on a petition, 29 Mar 1779, to the Gen. Assembly from inhabitants of Randolph Co. asking that the waters of the Uharie River and a branch of the Yadkin River not be dammed by persons of Montgomer

Stephen Gibson [assignee of Whitlock Arnold]Randolph17921800100On Jacksons creek1682Patent

Stephen Gibson

Robert Gipson is the son of Stephen and Mollie Gipson (his mother's maiden name being Stilwell), and was born in Randolph county, North Carolina, December 25, 1765, and was, therefore, 118 years old on the 25th day of last December, 1883. He had two full brothers and one sister, Nathan and John and Rebecca, all of whom are dead. The names of his half-brothers and sisters were Larkin, Isaac, Thomas, Henry Stephen, Alfred, Betty, Polly and John. His stepmother's maiden name was Millie Jackson. His own mother died when he was five years old.Randolph, the county of his nativity, is situated near the center of the State, Ashboro being the county seat. Here Robert grew to manhood, without the advantages of wealth, or even the common rudiments of an education. At that early period schools were scarce, not only in the Old North State, but everywhere in the New World. At about the age of 30 years, he married Gracie Smith, of his native county, and after the birth of their first two children he and his father and their families emigrated to Wayne county, Ky. Here he lived until about the age of 55, and then moved to Randolph county, Missouri, where he resided a few years, and then moved to Macon county

1800 Burke County Census

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